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Veterinary Team

Vetlink Veterinary Services Family


Dr. Eugene L. Gom-o

Veterinary Surgeon

Graduated in 2012 at the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University. Worked in the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia. 
Currently taking his Masters Degree at the University of Florida.


Dr. Gina Selga

Veterinary Surgeon

Graduated in 2015 at the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University. Worked in Vietnam, UAE and the Philippines.


Dr. Kathrine Monato

Junior Veterinarian

Graduated in 2020 at the Don Mariano MArcos Memorial State University. She is proud member of the Rodeo Club. Interests include: Surgery, Small and Large Animal Medicine. 


Dr. Angelica Acosta

Junior Veterinarian

Dr. Angge graduated in 2021 at DMMMSU-CVM. She is currently have interest in Surgery, Internal Medicine and Oncology. 


Dr. Lee Jansen To-og

Junior Veterinarian

Graduated in 2021 at DMMMSU-NLUC and a former Grand Knight of the VKV Fraternity. He has interest in Radiology, Canine Medicine and Surgery.


Dr. Judy Ann Sobrepena

Junior Veterinarian

Graduated in 2021 at the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University. Has special interest in Surgery  and Medicine.


Dr. Rizza Corpuz

Junior Veterinarian

 Dr. Corpuz graduated in 2021 at DMMMSU College of Veterinary Medicine. She just got her veterinary license last March 2021. She plans to pursue graduate degrees soon.

Kimberly Tumbaga

Veterinary Intern

Kimberly is in her senior year in college and taling up Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at De Lasalle State University. She has special interest in Microbiology and Medicine.

Dr. Emilia Reyes

Junior Veterinarian

Dr. Reyes graduated in 2020 at De Lasalle State University with the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 

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